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Brushing the Leaves

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With fondest regards to all our readers. This is another guest post from Chris, featuring pics taken during his recent trip to Dodona, Greece, and the exciting tale of his adventures at this remote location. Take it away Chris.

This has been a place of the oracle for thousands of years. The oldest of the oracle sites by far. Its origins spring from the divine 
feminine and Gaia millennia ago. I sat with my hands brushing the leaves of the sacred oak (long since gone of course but now replaced) as the wind rustled the tree. The oracle it seems spoke to the priestess in exactly this way.

The journey was its own tale. We set out the day before, following a straightforward route on good roads. One wrong turn will take a traveller onto boulder rivers that run for miles. And so for us. Here we collected two punctures. The car…

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Peaceful Waters

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writing to freedom

Peaceful Waterspeace, poetry, flow


beneath the surface

beauty and silence abound

deep mysteries flow


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you say you love me, and you say you know i love you.

you say you hate it when i party and let my hair down

you say you know my reputation when i drink and drop acid

you say i make a ass of myself i say i enjoy being me

i do speed to keep me up you go and crash out and pray

i will be safe and hope for a black out.

i wake up and repeat it day after day you say you want a real

date but candy flowers and dinner just anit my thing.

you say you want to change me i am happy being me

just being weird and having fun. I know you want a guy

to have kids and settle down but i am just going stay a

clown and get my kicks

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‘Til the End

Lyrics, Sentiments and Me

Til the End.3

Like the grandeur of green
in spring;

Like the warmth of sun
in summer;

like the crisp scent of pine
in winter,

fill my senses
until the end.

Like dainty drops of dew
in mornings;

Like striking blaze of horizons
in sunsets;

Like shimmering blings of stars
in evenings;

own my all
like there’s no end.

Like salt and sands
to the “blue ocean;”

Like waves and ripples
to the shore;

Like rushing currents and rapids
to the river;

fill my senses

and own my all,

and don’t let this end.


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WATCH: These Profound Images Are For Anyone Who’s Ever Felt Invisible

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James' World 2


Huffpost TED Weekends

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The Art Of Disappearance

Chinese artist Liu Bolin can disappear into everything from famous landmarks to the rows of instant noodles at the supermarket. The question is: Why? By going invisible, what does he help you see?

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A Writer’s Creed

Lyrics, Sentiments and Me


Today, a fellow plagiarized one of my works. As much as I wanted to express my frustration, I couldn’t. Because I didn’t burn my brows at school to stoop down to such level. However, I think now more than ever, I need to repost my creed, to denounce such act.

Thank you for your kind understanding.

Heartily and respectfully dedicated to all fellow writers.

I am a writer
and this is my creed:

I vow to read
to empower myself
with knowledge
and information.

I vow to speak
in written words,
and as fearlessly as possible.

I vow to scribble
with honesty,
vigor and style,
and as succinctly as I can.

I vow to strive
for excellence;
making every page,
every line;
every word,
and every punctuation matters.

Above all,
I vow never to plagiarize
and never to steal my fellows’ words,
not only…

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One that Is Real